Art competition Khula Aasmaan shortlist – Oct to Dec ’18

Kids art competition and painting contest for young students by Khula Aasmaan declared the shortlist for October to December 2018. The highlights of this shortlist are great diversity, high quality of the entries received and entry to the shortlist of tribal or adiwasi children.

Painting by Chando Rinjad, class 6 from Khambale ashramshala for adiwasi (tribal) children

Drawing competition and Painting contest by Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan (it means “open skies”) is a platform for creative expression by children (5 to 15 years) and young adults (16 to 25 years). Khula Aasmaan runs kids art competition and painting contest for college students. The contest is free and open 24 x 7. Children and young adults have total freedom to select the themes they wish to work on. They are also at complete liberty to select the medium for their artwork. This would include pencils, colour pencils, sketch pens, oil pastels, poster colours, watercolours, acrylic colours, oil colours and more.

First round of judging results into the shortlist

The submission to the children’s art competition and painting contest for college students is online. The submission can be done using a simple smartphone. We receive entries from more than 500 locations in India as well as out of India.

First round of judging picks out a shortlist from all the entries received online. This is the first shortlist. This is declared each quarter. We create a dedicated web page for each child artist and young artist who makes it to the shortlist. Khula Aasmaan manages this dedicated web page for next 3 years. During this period, we encourage the shortlisted child artists and young artists to continue to create new ideas and art and send it to us. These are published on their individual web pages.

Kids art competition and painting contest Khula Aasmaan shortlist for Oct to Dec 108

Second round of judging

We then ask for the original artworks to be sent to us. In the second round of judging, medals ( gold, silver, bronze ) and honourable mentions are decided.

Highlights of results for this quarter – October to December 2018

This quarter was different in two ways. We received a much larger number of entries for the kids art competition and painting contest for the college students. Not only the number was large, but the quality of entries that came in, was far superior as compared to the earlier contests. This is a heartening sign. It shows that the children’s art contest and painting competition for the young adults is maturing. Like all previous quarter, the diversity in terms of geographies was substantial.

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Tribal children in the shortlist

Painting by Pankaj Meda, class 6, Khambale ashramshala for adiwasi (tribal) children

Another key highlight this quarter is the strong entry to the shortlist by tribal or adiwasi children. This is indeed heartwarming. This goes on to prove that we need to spend more time and resources for the children in the remote and tribal areas. Furthermore, the children in these areas are keen and eager, may be more than their urban counterparts, to explore new ideas and opportunities.