Art display at hospital

Art is a universal language and has power that is grossly underestimated as yet. We thought that if children and parents who need to wait at the OPD for their turn, can see images of beautiful artworks by other children and young adults, their waiting time would be well spent. Not only just that but this viewing experience could actually turn out to be a very inspiring and enriching experience for both children and parents and act as art therapy at children’s hospitals and clinics. They would leave the place with positive energy and ideas for creating something by themselves. When we ran this idea of creating Khula Aasmaan art display in digital form at the paediatric OPD of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, the response was immediate and positive.

Children with art display at OPD of Dept. of Paediatric Oncology of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai
Children with art display at OPD of Dept. of Paediatric Oncology of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Art Therapy

Two years back we conducted several art workshops for children undergoing chemotherapy at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. This was our first hand experience of the therapeutic power of art or art therapy. Children undergoing cancer treatment with some of them in physical pain and others anxious about not knowing much about why they were there and what would be the future. Most were aware that they were at a hospital with some kind of illness. The very young were oblivious about their condition, whereas the kids who were about 10 years or more had heard about the “C” word. All of them were enthusiastic participants in the weekly art workshop that we conducted at Tata Cancer Hospital at Parel, Mumbai.

Further plans for art display at hospitals

We will create Khula Aasmaan art display at hospitals and clinics as an art therapy for children and young adults who come over there for treatment. The digital display of children’s art and student art in the waiting areas of the OPDs will create a positive and lasting impact on the impressionable minds of thousands and thousands of children and young adults. We will encourage these children and young adults to create art and share it with us.

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