Hope and positivity through creativity

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is possibly the biggest threat to humankind in recent history. Many cities, regions and countries are in a state of lockdown. In India, the Prime Minister declared a complete national lockdown for 21 days from the midnight of 24th March 2020. While we remain in our homes totally locked down for the coming 3 weeks, we cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by fear and panic due to coronavirus. We will need to take the COVID-19 challenge head on. LET US DO ART. We will spread hope and positivity. What better way to drive away our fears and anxieties these troubled times.

Nalini Dhir works on her artwork on day 1 of lockdown for “Art in the time of corona – hope and positivity through creativity”
Ray of Hope, artwork in charcoal pencils by Nalini Dhir – done on day 1 of lockdown for “Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity”

Create Art – Let us spread hope and positivity through creativity

Engage in artistic creation of any kind. Create art. It could be :

  • A doodle, sketch, drawing, painting, digital art. Use any medium or tools available to you – pencil, ballpen, ink pen, oil pastels, watercolours, acrylic colours, oil colours
  • craft using paper or any other material available to you
  • work of embroidery, knitting, crochet, art on fabric
  • origami, paper sculpture, sculptures using other materials, installations
  • anything else you can think of
Painting by Sharvil Karajgi on day 1 of lockdown – part of the art project “Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity”

Send us the images and details of your artworks

  • Take at least 3 pictures of your art – one picture of your materials before you start working, one picture while you are working and the last picture after you have finished.
  • Send details of your artwork – title, medium, size
  • Write something about artwork and send it along with the artwork image. Please send a brief profile of yourself as well.
  • Send these pictures with all details to us at indiaart@gmail.com
  • Please DO NOT send images and details of your old artworks. Send us details of what you have created after the midnight of 24th March 2020.

We will publish select artworks

  • When the lockdown period ends, we will create a special online exhibition of select artworks on Indiaart and also release a video highlighting the artworks and the creators on our YouTube channel and Vimeo channel.

Who can participate

  • Open to all. Children, students, parents, artists and anyone who wants to support and be part of the idea of spreading hope and positivity through creativity.
  • 24 x 7.
  • Free entry.

Let us get started. We look forward to your beautiful creations.

More about Khula Aasmaan and Indiaart

“Khula Aasmaan” (खुला आसमान),  is a registered trademark which is owned by Link Indiaart.com Pvt. Ltd. 

Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान) is a platform for creative expression by children and young adults. We have chosen “Khula Aasmaan” as the way to spell this as we believe that it is the phonetically most appropriate way to spell it. Khula Aasmaan may also be spelt as Khula Asmaan, Khula Asman, Khula Aasman. 

Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान) conducts art competitions and creates educational content in art and science for children and college students. Khula Aasmaan encourages children and young adults to think independently and express themselves.

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Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan ( खुला आसमान )  acknowledge support from Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation for this unique initiative.

Finolex Industries is supporting the initiative : Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity
Mukul Madhav Foundation is supporting the initiative : Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity