Day 13 of Art created during Lockdown

Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity” is an art project featuring art created during lockdown to fight Covid-19 pandemic. This art project is managed by Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan and supported by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation. Our appeal to fight Covid-19 pandemic with creativity of art has enthused by people of all age groups and professions. The participants in the art project belong to diverse backgrounds and occupations. You will find school children, college students, working professionals, homemakers and senior citizens, all creating art to fight Covid-19 pandemic. Most of them are self taught. They all have created art during Covid-19 pandemic with whatever they could get at home as the shops were closed during national lockdown.

Art created during Lockdown – Day 13

Featured below are the select paintings created on day 13 of the national lockdown to fight Covid-19 pandemic. All the participants to this project are committed to follow the practices of social distancing, stay home and stay safe.

Painting by Sarika Jain

Prayer and Namaste for world safety, acrylic painting by Sarika Jain

Folded hands depicts prayers for those who have lost their lives to this deadly virus and prayers for the safety of entire world. Folded hands also depicts a greeting gesture which is “Namaste” through which people can maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact while meeting and greeting. Its an effective measure to avoid transmission of virus / infection from one person to another.  

Painting by Karen D’lima

Painting by Karen D’lima

Title- To Fix do not Mix

Material: cartridge paper, food colours, brush, paper tape.

About the art- We are still under lockdown,so minimalistic use of material. I used the reverse side of the earlier artwork for my Canvas and food colours which I am getting quite fond of actually. The dark colours symbolise the coronavirus.. you can see the central spirals very close there.. and only by distancing ourselves we can come into the light… That’s basically my theme.. the need for social distancing which seems to be the only measure that helps in this situation. Hence the title ~ To fix, don’t mix.  

About myself:

I think the McDonald’s ad is so relevant here as “I am loving it” .. ‘it’ being the creativity unleashed from my inner core.. I am Karen D’lima – in the field of education for over 24 years and recently have been studying to be an Arts-Based Therapy practitioner. Thank you for giving us this platform. It is so refreshing in the midst of all the turmoil and gloom around. It frees my spirit even if for a while. I am surprising my family and myself with my work actually. Stay safe. Stay distant. Stay strong in faith.

Painting by Farhana Momin

Angels in Disguise, painting in oil pastels by Farhana Momin, Bangalore

My Profile:

This is Farhana and I’m a Professor  by profession and a resident of Bangalore. Art is a hobby and passion for me, hence an artist in free time 🙂

Message : Dedicating this painting to all the doctors, nurses and health care staff fighting Corona-virus pandemics .These guys are truly “Angels in disguise ” during this time of crisis and uncertainty. Sending them Love through art, hope it reaches them and brings a smile on their faces 🙂

Painting by Brenna Dcunha

Artwork by Brenna Dcunha

Title: Nostalgia

Medium: Watercolour pencils, acrylic paint and art pens

Size: 8*16 inches

Cartoons in our time were not only for entertainment but, they also delivered a message or a lesson for us as kids.Hope this painting will help us forget our fear and anxieties during this lockdown. As we stay indoors, let us reminisce on our childhood memories as we go down the memory lane.

Profile: A banker by profession who also loves creating art in spare time.Even in this busy life, I find pure happiness in completing a small sketch, painting or anything artistic. I believe that art is a way of survival.

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We are committed to fight Covid-19 pandemic by spreading the message of social distancing, stay home and stay safe during this period of national lockdown. These precautions will enable us tackle the huge crisis that we face as a society.

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