New Millenium Children’s School at Leh

New Millenium Children’s School, Leh

When you have a strong wish, destiny goes out of its way to help you. I have realised this time and again. When we finalised the trip to Ladakh, I felt that the trip would be incomplete without we interacting with children in Ladakh and conducting art workshop for them. So, it was destiny that ensured that we had a chance meeting with Ms. Rinchen Wangmo, who runs a school at Leh for children from border areas. When she learnt about Khula Aasmaan, she invited us the next day to visit New Millenium Children’s School at Leh, interact with children and conduct an art workshop for the children. We decided that we will talk to the students and brief them about Khula Aasmaan art contest so that they could benefit from this unique platform and the content we have been creating for children, teachers and parents. We also decided that we will do a watercolour painting demonstration as part of the art workshop at Leh. This would ensure that the children get to see a live painting session and get inspired to do drawing and painting on their own.

Ms. Rinchen Wangmo, Managing Director, New Millenium Children’s School, Leh

Watercolour painting demonstration

We had carried with us the art materials for a painting demonstration. After a brief interaction with the students, artist Chitra Vaidya who was part of our team, decided to do a painting of what we could see outside from the window of the school building.

Since Chitra Vaidya is a highly experienced artist and art teacher, the watercolour painting demonstration was conducted step by step with brief explanation at each stage. The boys and girls who had assembled for this painting session, were totally immersed in it.

The completed painting was handed over to Ms. Richen Wangmo as our gift to the school. She promised us that the painting will be framed and put up at the school office.

Khula Aasmaan art contest and art tutorial videos

The students were clearly excited to know about Khula Aasmaan art contest and the content that we have been creating. They said that they would like to take part in the art contest on a regular basis. We have promised them that we will share with them any videos and audios that we create.

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