How to do ballpoint pen drawing of pear fruit

Ballpoint pens have proven to be a versatile art medium for professional artists as well as amateur doodlers. Low cost, availability, and portability are cited by practitioners as qualities which make this common writing tool a convenient, alternative art supply. Some artists use them within mixed-media works, while others use them solely as their medium-of-choice. See this ballpen drawing tutorial which demonstrates how to do ballpoint pen drawing of pear fruit.

Ballpen drawing tutorial video

Traditional pen-and-ink techniques such as stippling and cross-hatching can be used to create half-tones or the illusion of form and volume. For artists whose interests necessitate precision line-work, ballpoints are an obvious attraction; ballpoint pens allow for sharp lines not as effectively executed using a brush. Finely applied, the resulting imagery has been mistaken for airbrushed artwork and photography, causing reactions of disbelief. 

About Ballpen

A ballpoint pen, also known as a biro or ball pen, is a pen that dispenses ink (usually in paste form) over a metal ball at its point, i.e. over a “ball point”. The metal commonly used is steel, brass, or tungsten carbide. The design was conceived and developed as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to dip pens and fountain pens, and it is now the world’s most-used writing instrument; millions are manufactured and sold daily. This pen’s ink usually seeps through paper more frequent than other types of pens. As a result, it has influenced art and graphic design and spawned an artwork genre. Some pen manufacturers produce designer ballpoint pens for the high-end and collectors’ markets.The Bic Cristal is a popular disposable type of ballpoint pen whose design is recognized by its place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


The concept of using a “ball point” within a writing instrument as a method of applying ink to paper has existed since the late 19th century. In these inventions, the ink was placed in a thin tube whose end was blocked by a tiny ball, held so that it could not slip into the tube or fall out of the pen. The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October 1888 to John J. Loud, who was attempting to make a writing instrument that would be able to write “on rough surfaces — such as wood, coarse wrapping-paper, and other articles which fountain pens could not. Loud’s pen had a small rotating steel ball, held in place by a socket. (source : Wikipedia)

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