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Cartoon making art by S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis

S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis at his studio
S. D. (Shi Da) Phadnis at his studio

Cartoon Making – Talk and demonstration for Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan requested him to talk to the children on the art of cartoon making along with a demonstration. He agreed and the result is these two beautiful and insightful videos. These videos will not only be of great value to the children but also their parents and teachers.

About S. D. Phadnis (Shi Da)

Senior illustrator and cartoonist S. D. Phadnis ( Shi Da ) needs no introduction. Every household in Maharshtra has seen and enjoyed his cartoons. Several generations have grown up with a smile on their face, appreciating his subtle humour. He is someone who has perfected the art of making us aware of the oddities in our day to day lives, the subtle humour around that we possibly miss out on and the play of lines, forms and shapes that infuses deep meaning into most mundane things around us.



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