Day 10 – Paintings during Lockdown

Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity” is an art project featuring lockdown art during Covid-19 pandemic, which was announced the very next day after the national lockdown was declared by the Prime Minister of India on the night of 24th March 2020. This unique art project is managed by Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan. It has been supported by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation. Our appeal of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic with creativity of art has been well received by people of all age groups and professions. The participants in the art project – “Art in the time of Corona” are from diverse domains – school children, college students, working professionals, homemakers and senior citizens. Most of them are self taught. They all have created lockdown painting with whatever they could get at home as the shops were closed during national lockdown.

Art during Lockdown on Day 10

Featured below are the select paintings from day 10 of the national lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic :

Painting by Bhoomi Gori, Mumbai

Bhoomi Gori doing her charcoal painting “Power of Lord Shiva”
Bhoomi about herself and her artwork :
I am Bhoomi Gori, from Mumbai, pursuing Fashion designing. Sketching, painting and designing is something i love to do and it makes me feel happy and peaceful. My Description  about artwork is the iconographical attributes of shiva are the rudraksha beads denote purity(the mala or rosary in the right hand symbolises concentration); drum symbolises sound which represents the word of vedas,the holy scriptures given by lord to guide us through life; trident represents the third eye power and serpents signify the ego.

Painting by Sushmita Singh, Mumbai

Sashiko embroidery by Sushmita Singh
Sushmita is a textile designer.
Sushmita about herself and her art :
I love to make artworks, patterns & print designs. Nothing better than this quarantine phase during Covid-19 pandemic, that could bring me a chance to start with the things I love to paint.
About my work:
I create patterns using different mediums like watercolours, poster colours, oil pastels, acrylics, charcoal, etc. Various techniques are used to create such prints and designs. These prints are inspired from current trending forecast in fashion & textiles. They can also be used for clothing, upholstery, etc.
I hope you liked my work and motivate others who follow your page to begin with their hobbies which they couldn’t do due to their busy schedules. Nothing best than this quarantine phase. Let’s make the best use of it!!

Painting by Gourisha Bhatia

Gourisha Bhatia at work

Here is my artwork which is totally environment friendly. When I got to know about your initiative i thought to contribute something but there was no canvas and colours with me.. So I thought doing something with waste glass bottle, leftover acrylic paint and old newspaper.

Artwork by Amruta Patwardhan

Amruta Patwardhan paints Lord Rama

This is Amruta Patwardhan.I have made a sketch of Lord Rama.This is a sketch simply done with a ball pen as I did not have any other kind of material available in my house. I think if you are really creative , you can make an art out of anything, just like I did with just a paper and a pen.

Painting by Ami Negandhi

Painting by Ami Negandhi
I teach art and craft from Preprimary to Grade 8. I make props and decorate the stage during cultural events and activities in school. I am in this profession since almost 18-19 years.
I am sending a few pictures which I did during the national lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic in India. These are done with limited resources , whatever was available at home. It’s done using very basic colour pencils and sketch pens. Nothing else available..

Painting by Ayushi Vasnani, Vadodara

Ayushi Vasnani (class 6), Vadodara working on her painting
Medium: oil pastel, acrylic colours and gel pens on paper
Size:  15 x 11 inches
Ayushi on her artwork :
I have done Madhubani Art to show that India will bloom again like these flowers and colours.
We just have to stay at home and be safe…

Painting by Monalisa Barman, Hyderabad

Two Worlds, painting by Monalisa Barman
Monalisa Barman from Hyderabad has done her masters in microbiology in 2017. At present she is pursuing MBA in marketing. She works as a business development executive at a Research organisation in Hyderabad. She is a hobby artist.
Title : Two Worlds
1. Created by GOD.  2. Created by Us.
Medium : Acrylic colours on chart paper
Size : 27 x 20 cm
Description of the painting – for the art project on Corona art during Covid-19 pandemic
Before the arrival of human and development of civilisation in earth.   The mother earth was full of FLORA and fauna, trees, bushes, wildlife, pleasant air and enough resources for the wild animal to sustain in mother earth. The ocean and river water were pure and fresh for sea creatures. However, development of human civilisation has cause destruction of nature, which is irreversible. The civilisation of humans has destroyed the Mother Nature. Due to the excessive deforestation, the original flora and fauna are being destroyed. As a result, the mother earth inhabitants have lost their original habitat due to environmental changes. Human greed and ignorance have resulted in conflict in the existence of other inhabitants.  Here, my painting describes two worlds one is created by God.  Due to the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19) all over the world, the activity of human has stopped. Due to lockdown the social activities have stopped, the industries is not working, driving, riding everything is ceased thus the pollution is decreased. The earth is reviving. Air quality has improved immensely as if completely toxic air is filtered with pure air. Animals were roaming around freely as if the earth is breathing freely in the fresh environment. The coronavirus pandemic has had an unexpected transformation in cloudy canals, which have transformed into water crystal clear enough to see fish swimming below. The ozone layer above Antarctica has recovered.
The other one created by us.
The Coronavirus, which is a pandemic and threat to humanity. The virus outbreak is due to our own activity. The outbreak has stopped all activity of human, social gathering is stopped, transportation has stopped. People are hospitalised and mass death due to the disease. When human activity is stopped, the mother earth is healing restoring back to her true self.

Art Object by Nidhi Bhatt

Art Object by Nidhi Bhatt
My name is Nidhi Bhatt. I am a Company Secretary by profession and engage myself in any sort of artwork in my free time. I am not a professional artist but the national lockdown has given me an opportunity to indulge peacefully in my hobby.  So I was unsure which art form would look the best so this little piece ended up with a space for each one of them, a bit of Warli, a bit of Madhubani and few abstract patterns is what sums this up.

Painting by Aarushi Sharma, New Delhi

Painting by Arushi Sharma, New Delhi
Aarushi Sharma, New Delhi (class 7) is a student of Delhi Police Public School,Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. She loves painting and has been encouraged by parents to pursue her interests.

Painting by Dr. Dherendra Sharma, Udaipur

Nature coming back, painting by Dr. Dherendra Sharma, Udaipur
Title – Nature coming back
Type – Abstract
Medium : Acrylic colors on acrylic paper
This particular painting shows that amidst the national lockdown when nature hurting activities of humans are minimum the nature is reclaiming its space !
Dr. Dherendra Sharma on his art :
Painting is cathartic experience for me , it is almost as if all the emotions in that time have been spilled on the canvas , specially in these difficult times of corona pandemic when we are so stressed out , painting is a happy way out to calm the senses .

Painting by Mahendra Kampa, Hyderabad

Father of Nation by Mahendra Kampa

Mahendra Kampa on himself and his art :

I am Mahesh Kampa, I am very passionate about Art from my childhood.But never intended to go on a big platform. I got to know about the Indiaart recently and thought of giving my best shots to it. I currently live in Hyderabad occupied as an Architect and Interior Designer.

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