Day 9 – Paintings during Lockdown

Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity” is an art project featuring lockdown painting during coronavirus pandemic, which was announced the very next day after the national lockdown was declared by the Prime Minister of India on the night of 24th March 2020. This unique art initiative is managed by Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan. It has been supported by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation. Our appeal of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic with creativity of art has been well received by people of all age groups and professions. The participants in the art project – “Art in the time of Corona” are from diverse domains – school children, college students, working professionals, homemakers and senior citizens. Most of them are self taught. They all have created lockdown painting with whatever they could get at home as the shops were closed during lockdown.

Art in the time of coronavirus on Day 9

Featured below are the select paintings from day 9 of the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic :

Painting by Menaka Jain

Painting by Menaka Jain
Menaka, a homemaker, mentions this about her artwork :
I wanted to paint something that day to keep the negativity away, tried to paint flowers but it didn’t work.
Suddenly my eyes fell on the migrants walking trough the road holding there little kids. My heart started crying.
Then what I painted is the result, I am sending today.

Painting by Charlette Aaron, Mumbai

Lockdown painting by Charlette Aaron
Charlette Aaron, Mumbai about her art :
I made these sketches on handmade paper with photo colours in a small diary . The theme of all of them is to remain indoors during this pandemic, learn something new and focus on hobbies and positivity.
This initiative is a great way to get people sitting at home in lockdown to explore their hidden talents and art is the best way to relax !  Art in the form of doodles is my hobby .
The art that I have shared is particularly made during the quarantine period at home that we all are in . It represents what can be done in these times and what can be planned for the future . Stay home stay safe is the motto to share with all !

Painting by Snehanka Walavalkar, Mumbai

Artwork by Snehanka Walavalkar
Title: Mandala art
Medium: Rotring fine line micro pigment ink on cartridge paper.
Size: A5
Mandala art helps sooth your soul and increases your concentration capacity. I have been into arts since my childhood and i love to explore and create my own art pieces..

Artwork by Surya Saha, Howrah

Artwork by Surya Saha, Howrah

Surya Sekhar Saha about himself : Presently I am pursuing MBA-final year. I am 24 years old. I live in Howrah. One of my biggest hobby is painting and I want to spread my love in social media.

Painting by Pushpa Singh

Painting by Pushpa Singh


Painting by Sutopa Chakraborty, Guwahati

Dreamcatcher, painting by Sutopa Chakraborty, Guwahati
Title of the art: Dream-catcher
” A dreamcatcher may be small but it never fails to catch all the positivity in this world and helps good things to invade our mind and soul.”
Medium : Soft pastels and marker pens on wood plank
Size : 47 x 28 cm length= 47 cm
Sutopa Chakraborty works as a faculty (PGT chemistry) in Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati.

Painting by Ishani Doshi, Pune

Ishani Doshi with her artwork
Title : Count your Blessings
Medium : Oil Pastels and Sketch Pens
Size : A4
Description : The Artwork focusses on staying positive by displaying positive words in the petals of a colourful flower. The artwork extends into a stream of water and a Tree made from paper cutouts which has an appeal to save Nature which in turn will save life on Earth by maintaining a balance.
Ishani has immense love for art and creative pursuits. She is 7 years old and she is a Grade 2 student of BVRTSE, Pune. Ishani has been doing art and craft with her imagination since she was 4 years old.

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