Doctor painting by Shilpa (class 9) is her dream painting

Painting of a Doctor

Doctor painting by Shilpa Dombare (class 9) is her dream painting. Shilpa is a student of Varwada Ashramshala for Girls, Dist. Palghar

Doctor painting by Shilpa Dombare (class 9) is her dream painting about her aspiration of being a doctor. This painting won a bronze medal in Children’s art competition by Khula Aasmaan for January to March 2019. Shilpa Sitaram Dombare (class 9), is a student of Warvada Ashramshala, Tal. Talasari, Dist. Palghar, Maharashtra (शिल्पा सिताराम डोंबरे, इयत्ता नववी, वरवाडा आश्रमशाळा, जि. पालघर). Varwada Ashramshala for Girls, is a school for tribal girls (adivasi girls) run by Tribal Development Department of Government of Maharashtra. Khula Aasmaan has  conducted art workshops at Varwada Ashramshala for Girls.

Listen to Shilpa talk about her painting (in Marathi)

Child artist Shilpa Dombare talks to Milind Sathe of Khula Aasmaan about her dream painting. She aspires to be a doctor and her painting depicts that. In this conversation, Shilpa mentions that by being a doctor, she will be able to serve the humanity and that is what she looks forward to doing.

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Khula Aasmaan

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