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Dr. Jaya Vedamony narrates the story her daughter Janelle’s journey

Dyslexia to fashion design at NIFT - story of Janelle, narrated by Dr. Jaya Vedamony

Dyslexia to NIFT – story of Janelle

Janelle, despite her condition of dyslexia, worked hard and managed to get into National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Dr. Jaya Vedamony, her mother, narrates the remarkable story of her daughter Janelle in this video.   Janelle always wanted to pursue fashion design. Dr. Jaya shares the story of her daughter, her struggles, her dreams and how getting shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan helped her.

Janelle and Khula Aasmaan

Janelle now has a dedicated web page of her own. Over the next few years, this page of Janelle will show the progress this girl will make despite the odds that she faced earlier. Khula Aasmaan congratulates her and wishes her all the success in her future career. We look forward to some fantastic creations from this member of Khula Aasmaan family. Here is Janelle’s dedicated web page in Khula Aasmaan.


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