Girgaon Mumbai heritage sketches


Girgaon Sketches by Chitra Vaidya

In this video, Mumbai based artist Chitra Vaidya talks about herself and her sketches of heritage buildings of Girgaon or Girgaum in Mumbai. Chitra is a full time artist and art educator. One of her favourite themes for sketching is heritage. Further, she has done pen & ink sketches of several heritage structures in India. Girgaum in Mumbai is full of heritage structures. She has done several sketches of heritage buildings in Girgaum including the beautiful houses of Khotachi Wadi. Firstly, see this video in English :

Latest pen & ink sketch from Girgaum

Chitra has received appreciation for these sketches and many of these are in the collection of art collectors. Her latest sketch from Girgaum shows a typical old building there. She has used pen & ink as the medium for this sketch which has been done on an acid free archival paper to ensure long life.

Girgaon sketch of heritage buildings in pen & ink (part of Mumbai heritage) by artist Chitra Vaidya

Memories of life in Girgaon

Chitra’s childhood years were spent in Girgaum. As a result, she has beautiful memories of the area – the bylanes, chawls, temples, old houses, Ganesh festival and many more. She will keep sharing her sketches of Girguam. She hopes that these will keep alive the memories of this beautiful and culturally rich part of Mumbai.

Video in Marathi

Secondly, see this video Marathi :

This is what Chitra has to say in this Marathi video :

नमस्कार मी चित्रा वैद्य. मी आर्टिस्ट आहे. मला जुन्या वास्तू किंवा हेरिटेज या विषयावर चित्र काढायला आवडतात. मी आतापर्यंत भारतातील अनेक हेरिटेज structures ची स्केचेस आणि पेंटिंग्ज केली आहेत. मुंबईमधील गिरगाव या भागातील  जुन्या इमारतींची स्केचेस मी केली आहेत. ही स्केचेस अनेकांना आवडली आहेत आणि यातील बरीच चित्र आर्ट कलेक्टर्सच्या संग्रही आहेत. 

आता नुकतंच मी केलेलं गिरगावच स्केच आपण बघू.  या चित्रासाठी  मी पेन आणि इंक हे माध्यम वापरले आहे, आणि खास स्केचिंग साठी वापरण्यात येणारा acid free Archival Paper वापरला आहे. 

माझं बालपण गिरगावमध्ये गेलं . गिरगांवच्या माझ्याकडे खूप सुंदर आठवणी आहेत. तिथल्या गल्ल्या, चाळी, मंदिरं, वाड्या, गणेशोत्सव, खोताच्या वाडीतली पोर्तुगीज  ढंगातली घरं, हे विषय मला चित्रांसाठी आवडतात. मी  आता गिरगावच्या विषयावरती नवीन सिरीज करते आहे. काळाच्या ओघात लुप्त होत चाललेली गिरगावची ही अनोखी संस्कृती  माझ्या स्केचेस द्वारा जिवंत ठेवण्याचा माझा प्रयत्न असेल.

About artist Chitra Vaidya

Chitra completed her graduate and postgraduate studies from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. She has nineteen solo exhibitions and an equal number of group exhibitions at leading galleries to her credit.  Her wide range of painting themes reflect her active mind and keen spirit of exploration. Above all, she has been a popular art teacher who enjoys working with children. Most importantly, Chitra has been closely involved in the project “Khula Aasmaan(खुला आसमान)” since its inception. 

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