Akshaya Navaladi on his Hanuman painting

This shortlisted artwork from painting competition on Ramayana shows Hanuman carrying Dronagiri mountain with sanjeevani herb
This shortlisted artwork by Akshaya Navaladi from painting competition on Ramayana shows Hanuman with Dronagiri mountain

Akshaya Navaladi (14 years) from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, talks about his shortlisted artwork titled “Hanuman carries Dronagiri mountain” (medium : acrylic colours, size: A3) from painting competition on Ramayana by Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान). Lord Rama and his brother Laxman , along with their army of monkeys, were fighting the war with Ravana. Laxman gets injured by a powerful weapon hurled by Indrajit, Ravana’s son. Laxman becomes unconscious as the injury was almost fatal. People requested Hanuman to get the magical herb Sanjeevani, which has the power to revive even a dead person. Hanuman will be instructed to get the Sanjeevani herb from the mountain Sumeru ( Mount Dronagiri range) in the Himalayas. Hanuman , with his strength and mystical powers, goes to the Mountain Sumeru. After reaching there , he fails to identify the herb. So, he lifts the whole mountain and brings it to the battlefield.

This project by Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान)  involved a painting competition on Ramayana. Children, young adults as well as people of all ages were invited to paint characters, incidents and landscapes from the epic Ramayana. This painting contest received a fantastic response. We are happy to have received beautiful artworks that have been shortlisted from this painting competition on Ramayana. 

We requested the shortlisted artists to record a short audio to talk about their artwork. We have received these audios. Happy to share these wonderful narrations by these talented artists about their art in the form of videos and audios.

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