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blog on projects and initiatives of Indiaart, Khula Aasmaan and Art India Foundation in the areas of art, craft, science, education, creativity and innovation.


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Official blog of Indiaart, Art India Foundation and Khula Aasmaan.
This blog will announce key happenings in the world of Indiaart, Art India Foundation and Khula Aasmaan. From the beautiful world of Khula Aasmaan, this blog will feature – contest shortlists, results announcements, medal winning artworks, pictures of children in workshops and events, videos with creative personalities, children, parents and videos of workshops and demonstrations. From the world of Indiaart, this blog will feature what’s new – paintings of old masters, artist additions, new artworks, limited edition prints, addition of sculptors, new sculptures, exhibition news and more.
In addition to paintings, sculptures and limited edition prints, this blog will feature photographers and their portfolios apart from handcrafted articles.  The blog will celebrate birthdays of artists who are part of Indiaart and pay tributes to the departed souls.

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