Diya Biswas on her painting “How lockdown changed me”

How lockdown changed me – bronze medal winning painting by Divya Biswas from Khula Aasman painting competition

Here is what Diya Biswas says about her bronze medal winning painting “How lockdown changed me” from Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children and young adults : “so we all know that through this whole lockdown each one of us has suffered a lot…we had to stay away from our loved ones, we all have suffered problems in down of financial incomes, just not covid-19 but more other disasters which have occurred in this year had made us endure a lot But only few of us has observed that..again in such difficult time we made ourselves as one and that’s the spirit of humanity We all have observed that yes it made us locked in our houses but we bet it by making our world inside our homes only😊…it was difficult but we got to see our world in a different way..time managing, cooking, reading, exercising and much more which we all were not actually use to do are getting double interest in doing!!! Impact we are genuinely watching ourselves that we are (changing into a different, into an independent!!!!)”

Diya Biswas talks about her painting “How lockdown changed me”

Listen to Diya Biswas talk about her painting titled “How lockdown changed me”. Diya (14 years) is a student of Army Public school, Pune, Maharashtra. This painting (Medium: colour pencil and painting colours on paper, Size: 10.5×9.25) received a bronze medal in Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children and young adults (July to September 2020).

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Khula Aasmaan carried out a special project titled “Art in the time of Corona”. We made an appeal to people not to get depressed due to the adversity of Covid-19 pandemic and instead be positive and creative. We urged everyone to create art of their choice using whatever means available to them. The response to this initiative was overwhelming.

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