New website of Indiaart Gallery

We have been working on the new website of Indiaart Gallery for several months. It is a large website. This meant that converting it to a new design was a mammoth task.

Long drawn project 

The project of creating the new website turned out to be exciting as well as cumbersome. The good part was that it gave us an opportunity to revisit all the old content, go through it bit by bit and make necessary changes and enhancements.

There was a realisation that we have done quite a bit of work that we can be proud of.  The process of documentation is laborious but then it leads to some wonderful discoveries.

Featured Artworks – curated collection

The big change in the new website is the addition of a section titled “Featured Artworks”. This section will feature curated art collections. The curated art collections will include artworks by child artists, young artists, emerging artists, artists, sculptors and photographers. An exciting part of this curated collection will be the artworks by shortlisted and medal winning child artists and young artists from Khula Aasmaan art competitions.

The type of artworks that will be part of “Featured Artworks” will include original paintings, prints, limited edition prints, sculptures and other collectibles.

More to be done

We have converted all the prominent sections of Indiaart Gallery website to the new design. However, there is still considerable content deep down in some sections of the old website that is yet to be converted. The work on this project is in progress.  We hope that it will not take long to complete the entire project of conversion of the old website to the new website.

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