Young Shrutika at Khula Aasmaan art exhibition

It was heartening to see young girl Shrutika from a small village school coming over today along with her parents to visit Khula Aasmaan art exhibition at Indiaart Gallery. Her mother Bhagyashree teaches at Zilla Parishad school at village Mutha which is in Mulshi taluka. Her father is an engineer and works with a leading automotive company. The school Shrutika goes to has 12 students and two teachers, one of whom is her mother. Her parents had the motivation to bring her to see Khula Aasmaan exhibition of medal winning artworks. This is what good parenting is all about !

Shrutika, a young girl from village school, engrossed in painting at Indiaart Gallery, as parents look on

Shrutika was delighted to learn that she could draw and paint at the gallery and that she would be provided with the materials.
I would like to invite all the children from rural and remote communities to connect with Khula Aasmaan and have an enriching experience.

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