Activities during Lockdown – Art ideas on Day 21

Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity” is an art project which encouraged artistic activities during lockdown. We urged children, college students and others to work on art ideas. This art project is managed by Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan and supported by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation. Featured below are the select artworks from day 21 of artistic activities during lockdown.

Select art ideas on Day 21


VIBGYOR within the Flowers !, artwork by Prakriti Bhushan, Nalanda, Bihar

“VIBGYOR within the Flowers !” by Prakriti Bhushan, Medium :- Penwork, Size :- 28 × 38 cm (A3 Size)
Close up of “VIBGYOR within the Flowers !” by Prakriti Bhushan

Prakriti is a 3rd year student at “College of Arts & Crafts, Patna University, Patna.”

About this artwork :-

“This piece of my Art is all about the Rainbow colours, i.e. ; VIBGYOR within one of the most beautiful natural element, i.e. ; Flowers. This is created to show the colourful nature’s beautification. This is feminine prior design work . ”

Tree of Hope, painting by Sumdima Rai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tree of Hope by Sumdima Rai, Medium : Acrylic on canvas, Size : 12″x 16″

Art does not exist just for commercial purpose. It has the power to touch people’s lives, move them to a myriad of emotions, and  connect them to a higher power within themselves. That is why, this art initiative to spread positivity in the times of corona is especially important. 

I am a writer, painter and assistant director in films. 

I have been painting for 5 years. I am a self-taught artist who accidentally picked up a paintbrush during the darkest period of my life. Least to add, painting healed me inside out. And I have never looked back ever since then.

The whole world is in shambles due to corona virus. As the battle rages on in so many different levels, hope is the greatest need of the hour. So, in these uncertain times, I offer this ‘Tree of Hope’ to everyone in the world fighting the battle with corona their own way with a message: “We will  emerge victorious in the end…. Just hang onto every ounce of strength you got and have faith in yourself and nature.”

Painting by Dr. Swati Bhatavadekar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Progress of the artwork by Dr. Swati Bhatavadekar – activities during lockdown – art ideas on day 21
Art is the highest hope by Dr. Swati Bhatavadekar, Paper : Strathmore, blue toned (300gsm), Materials :  Prisma colour pencils
This is Dr. Swati Bhatavadekar from Mumbai. I am a practising dentist.
Sketching painting is my passion.
About my drawing…I have drawn the colour pencils which I use to draw sketches… This is mainly because 15 th April is the World Art this drawing is dedicated for the Art Day, and also to suggest that I am very grateful to my art materials which help me to shape my ideas on paper.
In these difficult time of lockdown due to Corona, Art is the highest hope, I find.
Some one has said, ‘His art is the Health of the Artist.’ Art work helps to heal the soul.I also believe what Picasso had quoted ‘Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.’
I am also thankful to India art Gallery to provide such a great platform to showcase the art work of the art lovers , during this lockdown period which helps to seek hope and positivity.
Thank you once again and all the best for your future projects and wishing Happy World Art Day..

Bal Hanuman, painting by Om Daphale (class 6), Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Title : Bal Hanuman, Artist : Om Daphale (class 6), GGPS School, Ratnagiri, Medium : Oil Pastels

My views about artwork: Art is fun for me where I can draw my own world, the way I like. Art brings relaxing feel in me and it also gives wings to my imagination power.

Painting by Harshita Rout (class 9), Dhenkanal, Odisha

Barbie, painting by Harshita Rout (class 9), Montfort School, Dhenkanal

Park ‘Car’ona before it wires us, pencil sketch by Mounica Reddy, Hyderabad, Telangana

Park ‘Car’ona before it wires us, pencil sketch by Mounica Reddy – activities during lockdown – art ideas on day 21

This art challenge brings out not just the artwork but the also thoughts and perceptions of many people out. As said “A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art does not”.. the art has that ability to create awareness of the current times.As told eyes sense the most, one artform can create larger impact than words…so this challenge acts as catalyst in giving courage and hightens spirits to fight against this deadly virus.Kudos to indiaart.

Well…i am N G.C.Mounica Reddy, 26 years old… Chartered Accountant by profession resides in Hyderabad, Telangana.This challenge has given me an opportunity to revive my artistic approach which I had untouched for a couple of years.This lockdown has bought art to my life back.Art is an expression of your heart and my sketch is my expression on the virus

Well,I got to know about this challenge through social websites and I thought why not give a thought.I had just taken a A4 size paper and a pencil…and started to put on the paper what my heart spoke.My sketch titled “Park ‘Car’ona before it wires us” took 35 minutes to complete  and it bought me a sense of satisfaction after drawing the sketch.My motive was tobdraw a sketch which conveys the precautions and deadly impact it creates if not followed. I could feel that if one person could get educated through my sketch,it gives me ton of satisfaction.This is my way of contribution to society.

Relating Joker with Indian Women, painting by Snehanka Walavalkar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Title: Relating Joker with Indian Women, Artist : Snehanka Walavalkar, Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: A2

The character of joker is very famous and if one is matured enough to understand his character, one will understand how heroic this character was. This character is so relates the situation of Indian women.

Corona Lovebirds, painting by Pooja Subramonian, Kalady, Kerala

Title : Corona Lovebirds, Artist : Pooja Subramonian, Medium : charcoal pencil on paper, Size – 27.5 x 34.7 cm

Pooja is a second year student of Bio Technology at  Mohandas college of engineering, Anand, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Glaciers in Mountains, painting by Priyanka Apte, Pune, Maharashtra

Title : Glaciers in Mountains, Artist – Priyanka Apte, Medium : Oil on Canvas, Size : 50 x 40 cm

About Me:- I am Human Resources professional and Artist by passion. My love for travelling and exploring untouched beautiful Himalayas reflects in art work.

About Painting:- This painting is inspired by the mesmerising beauty of Spiti & Pangi valley during my road trip to Himachal Pradesh.

Common Man, pencil sketch by Dr. Santosh Bhide, Pune, Maharashtra

Common Man, pencil sketch by Dr. Santosh Bhide – activities during lockdown – art ideas on day 21

Dr. Santosh Bhide is a practising ophthalmologist ( Eye Surgeon ) from Pune.

Girl in Bed, painting by Tanisha Zaman, Guwahati, Assam

Girl in bed by Tanisha Zaman, Medium : Technical pen and colour pencils, Size : A5- 5.83 x 8.27 inches

My brief : I am a self taught artist and an engineer by profession. I love to paint and play with colours to create interesting visuals. Due to limited access to paint, instead of  paintings I have been trying my hands on line art and have shared one of them here. This is something I am currently experimenting with. The lockdown gave me the time and opportunity to experiment with different mediums and to get the creative juices flowing again 🙂

Fabric painting by Sucheta Tendulkar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bedsheet painting by Sucheta Tendulkar, acrylic on fabric – art & craft activities during lockdown – art ideas on day 21

Painting by Dr. Akshita Gokhale, Pune, Maharashtra

Painting by Dr. Akshita Gokhale – activities during lockdown – art ideas on day 21

Dr. Akshita is a DNB medicine resident at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

The new year for Keralites. With no fruits, idol of Lord Krishna or yellow flowers available, it could be celebrated the traditional way. This drawing depicts how it is celebrated traditionally.

After the sunset, there is a new dawn, painting by Thomas (Vihaan) Cheriyan (10 years)

After the sunset, there is a new dawn, painting by Thomas (Vihaan) Cheriyan, acrylic on canvas, 12 x 16 inches

I mainly do doodling , sketching, and acrylic painting on canvas. Apart from being an artist, I am a budding footballer.

Twilight, painting by Anil Bhatia, Chandigarh, Punjab

Twilight, painting by Anil Bhatia, acrylic paints on canvas paper – art ideas on day 21

The Earth’s Eye, painting by Neha Khan, Dubai

The Earth’s Eye, painting by Neha Khan, Acrylic colours on Canvas – art activities during lockdown – art ideas on day 21

Neha is from Hyderabad, India. She is presently based in Dubai.

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