Day 18 of Art in the time of lockdown

Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity” is an art project which encouraged art in the time of lockdown to fight coronavirus pandemic. This art project is managed by Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan and supported by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation. We are presenting art in the time of lockdown, created by children, young adults as well as others. Featured below are the select artworks from day 18 of Art in the time of lockdown, to fight the fear and panic created due to coronavirus pandemic. All the featured artists followed the norm of stay home, stay safe.

Select artworks from “Art in the time of lockdown” – day 18

Painting by Aditi Sharma 

Painting by Amisha Kumari 

Artwork by Amit Pol 

Get Over It, artwork by Amit Pol – art in the time of lockdown to fight covid pandemic

Painting by Aritra Sinha, Murshidabad, West Bengal 

Painting by Bhakti Nawale, Solapur, Maharashtra 

Bird painting by Bhakti Nawale, Colour pencils on A4 size plain white paper

Painting by Chaitali Paul, Silchar, Assam 

Painting by Chaitali Paul, Silchar, Assam – art in the time of lockdown to fight covid pandemic – stay home, stay safe

Painting by Debaditya De, Dharmanagar, Tripura

Stay home and Wash your hands, painting by Debaditya De

Painting by Devraj Paul, Silchar, Assam 

Painting by Devraj Paul (class 4), Silchar, Assam – art in the time of lockdown to fight covid pandemic – stay home, stay safe

Painting by Him Karfa 

During this severe crisis of covid pandemic when the entire humankind is at stake and locked up inside the four walls, nature is showering it’s blessings and healing simultaneously. Wildlife is free and unchained thereby enjoying the bliss of mother nature in free spirits. Thus making the proverb ” Every cloud has a silver lining” true. Let’s be hopeful and stay positive and optimistic

Pencil sketch by Insiya Murtaza Bohari, Pachora, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Pencil sketch of actor Tom Cruise by Insiya Murtaza Bohari (17 years), Pachora, Jalgaon

Painting by Juhi Singh 

About myself-

I belong to Roorkee, Uttrakhand. I am an engineer by profession and work as an Analyst. 

As painting/sketching is my passion, I am making the best use of quarantine time due to covid pandemic, by trying new art forms. I have tried doodle for the very first time to have an exposure of abstract lines/repetitive patterns. Doodle illustrate that patterns can embellish a simple art.

Doodle art by Juhi Singh


Description about my art-

My art depicts the calmness possessed by a woman despite of the multiple responsibilities she is surrounded by. This quarantine has give us ample time to look for our interest and work on them, but I have seen my mother working like she used to or even more just to make sure we are safe.

A big salute to all the women out there who are serving the nation to fight coronavirus pandemic during these trying times without losing their calm. 

Painting by Nagesh Nakate, Solapur, Maharashtra 

Nagesh has presented Devi Mahalaxmi from the Mahalaxmi temple at Kolhapur. He works as a mechanical engineer at Pune.

Devi Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur, painting by Nagesh Nakate

Painting by Paridhi Jain, Patnagarh, Odisha 

Artwork by Paridhi Jain – Wear a mask and Stay Safe to fight coronavirus pandemic

Painting by Rajanya Dey, Purulia, West Bengal 

Rajanya (class 10) is a student of The Assembly of God Church, Purulia

Pencil sketch by Shourya Singh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 

The Buddha gave emphasis on self awareness for the first before you help others or spread awareness about anything like covid pandemic to fight CoronaVirus pandemic. Buddha said ,”Aapo deepo bhava“. This means that you have to take care of yourself before you help others such as frequent hand wash, keep distance of at least one metre from others and wearing mask at public places. We have to spread awareness but firstly we  have to follow precautions of stay home and stay safe for ourself. 

Painting by Shreeya Agrawal, Titilagarh, Odisha 

Painting by Shreeya Agarwal – fight covid pandemic – stay home, stay safe

Painting by Siddhika Jain, Jaipur, Rajasthan 

Break the outbreak and follow lockdown, painting by Siddhika Jain (class 8), Watercolors and Pencil colors, Size: A3 – art in the time of lockdown to fight covid pandemic – stay home, stay safe

Myself Siddhika Jain  a student of class VIII from the pink city, Jaipur (Rajasthan). It’s my pleasure and honor to be part of this project  “Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity”.  

The Title of my my painting is “Break the Outbreak”. This painting is representation of the situation faced by all Indians and the whole world.  It conveys that the only way to ‘Break the Outbreak’ of this disease is by locking down ourselves at our homes and save ourselves by prevention. Through this painting I have tried to request all people to follow the rules laid by our Government – stay home, stay safe.

I have tried to represent this by the means of a self-composed short poem as well —

“Break the Outbreak”

“Don’t touch your face’

if your hands are dirty,

Don’t go to a crowded place,

it’ll be a controversy,

It’ll be a tragedy,

if you get this infection,

So stay in with your family,

and do your protection,

Wash your hands and wear a mask,

It’s not much of a heavy task,

The globe is trying to maintain sanity,

so give some mercy to humanity…

Ganesh idol by Suyash Wadke, Pune, Maharashtra 

Suyash Wadke (class 9) from Sinhgad Spring Dale Public School, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune, makes Ganesh idol
Ganesh idol by Suyash Wadke (class 9) from Sinhgad Spring Dale Public School, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune

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