Day 15 of Paintings in Lockdown

Art in the time of Corona – hope and positivity through creativity” is an art project which encouraged painting in lockdown to fight Covid-19 pandemic. This art project is managed by Indiaart and Khula Aasmaan and supported by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation. We are presenting painting in lockdown by children, young adults as well as others. Featured below are the select paintings in lockdown on day 15, to fight the fear and panic created due to Covid-19 pandemic. These include mandala art, drawing, paintings in poster colours and acrylic colours and more.

Mandala Art by Ketaki Anerao, Mumbai

Mandala Art by Ketaki Anerao, Mumbai – painting in lockdown on day 15 to fight Covid-19

Ketaki is pursuing LLM in SNDT Law School.

Medium- brustro fine liner pens, color gel pens, Size – A6 book

Painting by Kriti Aggarwal, Jammu

Painting by Kriti Aggarwal, Jammu – painting in lockdown

Kriti Aggarwal from Jammu, is an interior designer by profession but from past many years a homemaker and mother of 2 beautiful daughters.

Kriti on her art : I Love painting Flowers. the sight, their colors, the freshness they add to the space makes me paint them. They instantly light up the whole area with their vibrant colors.

Art by Bhanusmita Hazarika, Guwahati, Assam

Artwork by Bhanusmita Hazarika, Guwahati, Assam – part of “Art in the time of Corona” to fight Covid-19

Title of the artwork:-The Healing Nature, Medium: Fabric stick in a cardboard, Size: 29*26cm

Brief: My art titled The Healing Nature,  is an attempt to capture in fabric(only thing available in my house  bcoz of lockdown),an aspect of our mother nature. Nature at times can be both destructive as well as constructive. It never forgets its responsibilities,  though at times teaches humans lessons of life. 

Amidst the grim situation of deadly coronavirus outbreak,  nature has not stopped its other duties. It has continued to bloom, to shine,  to give hope, to give strength,  to soothe and calm…. We, as human beings, should understand from nature that,  we should not give up at tough times and continue to perform our duties and responsibilities… The hard times will pass by itself

I am a teacher by profession.. During this hard time of virus outbreak-lockdown,  I am left with not enough materials,  but lucky to have some acrylic colours, some months ago.. I didn’t have a canvas,  so I made it with fabric pasted on cardboard.. I am not an artist,  it is only my passion…

Painting by Apoorva Hegde

Painting by Apoorva Hegde, painting in lockdown to fight Covid-19 pandemic

Title: Art and Music, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Size: A4

Description: I feel that art connects with your inner peace with the sound of music (because of vibration) a beautiful work can be created.

Painting by Swaddhya Paladhi (class 4), Kolkata

Painting by Swaddhya Paladhi (class 4), Kolkata – one of the select paintings in lockdown on day 15

Swaddhya Paladhi  is a student of Bholananda National Vidyalaya, Barrackpore, Kolkata

Description:  Swaddhya wants to show the difficulties of Mother at present time. It’s very difficult to keep children at home though it is required for the safety of his/her family & the society. And it’s tough for all mothers to fulfill their children’s needs. This boy wants food and his mother and she was thinking of what to provide, they are locked in a room. And outside of their home  baby CORONA waiting with his/her mother, looking for some food (people). As the door is locked, Mother Corona faces a problem. Both of the mothers are thinking about how to fulfil their children’s needs.

Painting by Swanandi Babrekar (class 5), Pune

Lily’s garden, painting by Swanandi Babrekar (class 5) – part of selected paintings in lockdown on day 15

Title: Lily’s garden, Medium: Poster colours, Size: A4

Description : The artwork shows the garden of a fairy called Lily. Lily is fond of flowers and the mushrooms. She is having a book related to how to grow flowers and mushrooms.

Drawing by Chaitra Sumnat (14 years), Mumbai

Pencil Drawing by Chaitra Samant, Mumbai

Chaitra Samant (14 years) is a student of Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri West, Mumbai

Title: Let your mind be filled with positive vibes, Medium: Pencil on Cartridge, Size: A3

Chaitra on himself and the concept of his artwork :

Concept: Wolf is always imagined as a fatal predator, but sometimes it can look as beautiful as a butterfly- it is the matter of Perspective. Similarly during this Pandemic instead of continuously thinking of its negative side look at the bright side. Express yourself . Take a pencil and let it flow….

About me: I am a student studying in Grade 09. I have been passionate about art since the very beginning and I think drawing is the best way to express oneself.

Art by Harneet Kaur

Art by Harneet Kaur – part of selected paintings in lockdown on day 15 to fight Covid-19

Harneet Kaur on herself and her art :

I am Harneet Kaur, a college student. I am spending my quarantine practicing my art skills and trying my hands on different things. Recently I did Black pen art and I am currently honing my skills on calligraphy and pencil color paintings.

Handpainted Cup by Dr. Akshita Gokhale, Pune

Handpainted cup Dr. Akshita Gokhale, Pune – painting in lockdown

Akshita about her painting in lockdown :

I am a postgraduate medical student. I am pursuing DNB medicine in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. This is a cup painted with acrylic paints on the occasion of a friend’s birthday. Due to the lockdown, I couldn’t get a gift or a cake. Thus is a personalized gift. It depicts things I associate with him.

Dot Art on Bottle by Namrata Biyani, Mumbai

Dot art by Namrata Biyani – painting in lockdown on day 15

Title: Dot art on bottle, Material used:  Fevicryl 3D liners and acrylic colours, toothpicks, glass bottle.

Namrata on her art : I started off with art as a hobby that turned into passion soon after.

Doodle Art by Bhadra Sanjeev (class 8), Thiruvananthapuram

Doodle art by Bhadra Sanjeev, Thiruvananthapuram

Bhadra R Sanjeev (class 8) is a student of Arya Central School, Pattom,Thiruvananthapuram

Flower vase by Vikas Bothra

Flower vase by Vikas Bothra

Flower vase made using Finolex 110 mm pipe

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