Prize Distribution and Science Workshops

The prize distribution ceremony of National Painting Competition was held on Saturday 21st December 2019 at IISER Pune. Ten prizes were announced. Certificates were distributed to the prize winning as well as the shortlisted entries. The prize distribution ceremony was held at the end of the day which saw several workshops for the invited students. The workshops included a talk on history of chemistry, a science workshop and a science illustration workshop.

Pictures from Prize Distribution Ceremony

Here are the pictures :

Milind Sathe talks about National Painting Competition by Khula Aasmaan and IISER Pune


Dr. Harinath Chakrapani talks about the art contest

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Group Photo :

Milind Sathe, Harinath Chakrapani and Dr. Neeraja Deshpande with prize winning and shortlisted children

The National Painting Competition was jointly organised by Khula Aasmaan and IISER Pune to mark the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. An important objective of this painting competition was to bring art and science together.

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Science Workshops

The shortlisted children and young adults from the National Painting Competition were invited to spend a day at IISER Pune. Three specially designed science workshops were put together for the invited shortlisted children and young adults.

Science Talk – Story of Chemistry by Dr. Anirban Hazra

Science Talk – Story of Chemistry talk by Anirban Hazra


Dr. Anirban Hazra interacts with children and parents during the science lecture on history of chemistry

Dr. Anirban Hazra, a faculty at IISER Pune, delivered a scintillating talk on the history and evolution of chemistry as an important branch of science. Listen to the full science lecture.

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Science Illustration Workshop

Science Illustration Workshop

This fascinating workshop gave an insight into the world of cell biology. It showed that the deadly viruses actually look very beautiful. The participants got an opportunity to use digital tools and create an illustration. This science illustration workshop was conducted by Mr. Rafeeque Mavoor, Ms. Shraddha Bhurkunde, Dr. Chaitanya Mungi from IISER Pune.

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Science workshop by Ashok Rupaner

Experiments at Science Workshop

Ashok Rupaner of Science Activity Centre at IISER Pune conducted experiments to demonstrate basic scientific principles.

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