Prize winning paintings – Science Day painting contest

Science Park at Savitribai Phule Pune University jointly with Khula Aasmaan organised the Science Day painting contest for children on 8th February 2020. This is the foundation day of the university. Children from several schools in and around Pune participated in this painting contest with great enthusiasm. The venue for the painting session was the beautiful garden of Pune university. The topics for painting contest for this Science Day art competition was plants, trees and ecology. See some of the prize winning paintings (art competition prizes) below.

One of the prize winning paintings from science day children’s painting contest – painting by Diya Biswas, Army Public School, Pune

Painting contest topics

* My Favorite Tree (माझे आवडते झाड)
* Flower Garden (फुलांचा ताटवा)
* Plants through microscope (वनस्पती जग सुक्ष्मदर्शकातून)
* Diversity of Tree in Forest (जंगलामधील झाडांची वैविध्यता)
* Forest in My City (माझ्या शहरातील : हिरवे जंगल)

one of the prize winning artworks from science day art competition by Avanti Anand Bhutkar, P. E. S. Modern Primary English Medium School, Pune

These topics were not intimated to the participants in advance. This meant that the children who participated in this Science Day art competition, did their paintings without any advance planning or preparation. This ensured that their ability to think and conceptualise their artwork was genuinely put to test.

one of the prize winning artworks from Science Day painting contest by Omkar Balaji Suryawanshi, Army Public School, Pune

Science Day art competition prizes and Prize winning paintings

The jury evaluated all the paintings by children and selected 8 paintings as prize winning artworks. The jury also selected another 21 artworks as notable paintings. All the prize winning paintings and notable paintings have been published on Indiaart. The prize distribution ceremony was held on Science Day 28th February 2020 at Science Park premises.

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