Theme for Thalassemia Day 2022

The theme for the International Thalassemia Day (ITD) 2022 is “Be Aware. Share. Care: Working with the global community as one to improve thalassaemia knowledge.’’ This theme is an open call to action to all supporters to promote awareness about thalassaemia and its global impact and share essential information and knowledge to support the best possible health, social and other care of patients with this disease. The theme seeks to inspire every individual to contribute, at the personal level, to the fight against thalassaemia and serves as a powerful reminder that everyone has a substantial role to play and a responsibility to act. To mark this day, Khula Aasmaan drawing and painting contest was organised for children with thalassemia by Indian Red Cross Society Pune jointly with Art India Foundation.

Drawing and Painting contest for children with thalassemia 

Indian Red Cross Society Pune runs a Thalassemia centre at its facility in Rasta Peth, Pune where children with thalassemia are provided blood transfusion facility at no charge. On the occasion of Thalassemia Day, Art India Foundation organised Khula Aasmaan drawing and painting session for children undergoing treatment for thalassemia at Indian Red Cross Society premises. Indian Red Cross Society organised breakfast and lunch for the children and their parents who turned up in significant numbers.

A digital display was set up at the venue to screen around 1500 images of artworks by children across India which were shortlisted from earlier Khula Aasmaan art contests.

(L to R) Milind Sathe, Prof. R. V. Kulkarni, Dr. Vijay Ramanan

After the formal inauguration of the event in which Prof. R. V. Kulkarni, Hon. Secretary of Indian Red Cross Society Pune and Milind Sathe, Trustee of Art India Foundation explained the details of the event for the day and future plans. Present on the occasion were following members of the managing committee of Indian Red Cross Pune – Mr. Mabrin Nanavatti (Vice Chairman), Dr. Rajkumar Shah (Chairman, Disaster Management Committee), Dr. Vijay Ramanan (Director, MVR Welfare Foundation).

(L to R) Dr. Vijay Ramanan, Dr. Abhijit Jagtap, Gaurav Thakkar, Sister Yasmin Malik, Prof. R. V. Kulkarni, Dr. Rajkumar Shah

(L to R) Dr. Abhijit Jagtap, Gaurav Thakkar, Dr. Padma Ithape, Sister Yasmin Malik, Dr, Nandkumar Thite

Drawing and Painting contest for children

65 children who are undergoing treatment for thalassemia, participated in the drawing and painting contest. Art India Foundation made available the drawing and painting material to the children.

The shortlisted drawing and paintings will become part of the shortlisted artworks in Khula Aasmaan art contests and will be showcased along with other shortlisted artworks.

Future Plans

Art India Foundation will work closely with Indian Red Cross Society Pune to set up a digital display of children’s art for the benefit of the children who undergo blood transfusion as part of the treatment for thalassemia. Whenever children come over for blood transfusion, they will be provided with drawing sheets apart from drawing and painting material so that they are able to draw and paint while they are at the Thalassemia centre.

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