Women painters to celebrate Women’s Day

Women painters have looked at the world and painted it through their art in their unique way. Starting today, I am happy to feature few women artists every day. Every one who reads this blog will enjoy and connect with their art in the same way I have enjoyed looking at their creations. Each one of them unique in their background, their sensibilities, the way they see the world and finally the way they present their impressions through their artworks.

I hope to feature paintings by select women artists every day throughout this month.

Paintings by women artists

Women artists I will feature today are :

(1) Anuradha Kabra

(2) Chitra Vaidya

(3) Kanak Sharma

(4) Manisha Patil

(5) Nehal Shah

(6) Pankti Jain

Here are their paintings I have selected for today’s post :

Painting by Anuradha Kabra

The Red Dot, painting by Anuradha Kabra, watercolour and pencil on paper, 26 x 26 inches

Anuradha Kabra on her painting “The Red Dot” :

This painting is my tribute to the beautiful island country of Singapore, the Little Red Dot. It is an all-encompassing land of diverse cultures living in harmony. The quintessential batik-fabric of Singapore envelops the much treasured Bodhi Tree which represents the common path to enlightenment, weaving numerous cultures together. The Red Dot shines brightly, the guiding light in the sky. Small yet powerful, it is hard to miss.

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Painting by Chitra Vaidya

Colours of Himalayas, painting by Chitra Vaidya, watercolour and collage on handmade paper, 14 x 20 inches

Chitra Vaidya on her painting “Colours of Himalayas” :

I have travelled and painted Himalayan ranges in Kumaon and Himachal. Most of these paintings were watercolours and canvases. These were exhibited during my solo shows at leading art galleries. Most paintings were picked up by art lovers and collectors. I did very few collages that time. Subsequently, several art lovers requested me to do more collages. When I started doing these collages, I realised that I am thoroughly enjoying this form and its infinite possibilities. Will be happy to share my new creations of these majestic and beautiful mountains that are Himalayas.

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Painting by Kanak Sharma

Detached, painting by Kanak Sharma, watercolour on paper, 10 x 14 inches

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Painting by Manisha Patil

The suitable girl, painting by Manisha Patil, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 24 inches – part of Women’s Day special on women painters and their paintings

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Painting by Nehal Shah

The Janaki, painting by Nehal Shah, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 20 inches

Nehal Shah on her painting “The Janaki” :

Solitudes combine to form a supreme state of solitude alarming the awakening.

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Painting by Pankti Jain

Portrait of Audrey Hepburn, painting by Pankti Jain, charcoal on paper, 12 x 17 inches

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All the above six women artists are obviously very talented. Each of them paints in a style of their own. The result is that there are six paintings by six women artists, whose art practice is distinct and unique to their individual identity and expression.

Indiaart salutes the independent expression by each of these women painters.

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