Only One Earth

The theme for World Environment Day 2022 is “Only One Earth”. This year the focus is on “living sustainably in harmony with nature”. The WED 2022 campaign #OnlyOneEarth calls for collective and transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

Our children make a statement

We have picked up few select paintings by children and young adults from Khula Aasmaan art contests, to mark World Environment Day 2022 and its theme “Only One Earth”. These paintings reflect the sentiments, concerns and voices of the young generation about this important aspect of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Green Planet, painting by Andria Maben

Andria Maben is from St. Theresa’s School, Mangalore, Karnataka. She describes her painting as “An attempt to clean our planet from waste debris, plastics to make the earth greener and the waters bubble blue.” This painting by child artist Andria Maben (10 years) received a Bronze Medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for children for April to June 2020.

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Calm hill water side, painting by Nihal Das

Nihal Das is from Birla Open Minds International School, Tirupati. This painting by child artist Nihal Das (7 years) received a Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan children’s art contest for April to June 2021. He says – I am traveler, and am missing my travel plans, these are my one sight if I would travel..

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Plant more trees not buildings, painting by Sudiksha Singh Rathore

Sudiksha Singh Rathore is from Sunbeam School, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. This painting by young artist Sudiksha Singh Rathore received a Gold Medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for young adults for July to September 2019.
Artist statement :
My artwork shows an image from our near future where there is no space left for the trees to live on. what is left is our buildings.
Our growing population has become a threat to their lives.
Buildings can give us shelter and basic daily life requirement but what ‘s the use if we would not be alive. Our life depends on these poor trees who are thrown out from their own homelands. Our developments are pushing our nature towards extinction and indirectly us.

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Lush Life, digital painting by Anushcka Joshi

This painting by young artist Anushcka Joshi (17 years) received a Bronze Medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for young adults for July 2021.

This illustration depicts a young girl amidst nature and wildlife seen since lockdown. The girl admires the beautiful orchids, the vibrant hues of butterflies, partridges hopping on wrought iron benches, energetic elephant herds and the occasional rhino that came in close proximity to humans. She is extremely blessed to stay in a sylvan countryside where nature blooms. The artwork is made on Adobe Illustrator.

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