Irfan Sayar, creator of Zihni Sinir

Milind and Aalok Sathe with Irfan Sayar at his art and design studio

As we were walking around in Istanbul, came across a very interesting window display of unusual designs and objects. Walked in to realise that it was the art and design studio of Irfan Sayar, who is a talented artist, designer and illustrator. He created the famous cartoon character of Zihni Sinir. What was remarkable was the fact that not only he created the cartoon characters but he also built working 3D models of several ideas. It was a wonderful time that we spent at his studio. He and his colleagues were warm and gracious. We picked up some of his books. (2006)

Aalok and Prachee Sathe with Irfan Sayar at his art and design studio in Istanbul, Turkey

About Zihni Sinir

It was created on January 30, 1977 by İrfan Sayar in GırGır magazine. He is a character who questions the relationship between people and things (-> technology).

It performs this query with their PROCE. Zihni Sinir uses the word “Proce” instead of “Project”. Because Proceler are projects that incorporate three elements such as Humor + Aesthetics + Functionality .

The ratios of these elements may be different in each process. Even though processes become objects, they retain these properties. Even if the functionality features come to the fore when they become objects, they are still humorous objects. (description from the website of Zihni Sinir)

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