Creating Diwali artefacts

Art India Foundation have been conducting a weekly art workshop for the children undergoing cancer treatment at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. When the plan for the pre Diwali fair “Deepotsav 2022” got finalised, the time available to get artefacts created by children undergoing chemotherapy was limited. Despite the limited time available, Priti Naik under the guidance of artist Chitra Vaidya, managed to get beautiful Diwali artefacts which included Diwali greeting cards and diyas (oil lamps), created by the children undergoing cancer treatment at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.

Diwali Greeting Cards

Under the guidance of our faculty, the children undergoing cancer treatment created three types of Diwali greeting cards.

  • The first category was hand painted cards.
  • The second category of cards consisted of paper craftwork. To make these cards, the children created designs of Diwali lanterns using marble paper and these were pasted on handmade paper.
  • The third category of greetings cards involved taking prints of leaves dipped in paint on handmade paper. Two types of leaves were used – leaves of Hibiscus and leaves of a Christmas tree.

Diyas (oil lamps)

The children hand painted the earthen Diyas (oil lamps) that were made available to them. We used acrylic as well as oil colours to create these hand painted Diyas (oil lamps). It was gratifying to see that the children who are undergoing a difficult and often painful treatment, painted very bright and cheerful Diyas (oil lamps)


We sincerely thank the management and social workers at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, for their wholehearted cooperation to this project. The children participated with tremendous enthusiasm in creating the beautiful artefacts for the pre Diwali fair “Deepostav 2022”.

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