Hearing & speech impaired children create Diwali artefacts

When we decided to display the Diwali artefacts created by hearing and speech impaired children at the pre Diwali fair “Deepotsav 2022 (दीपोत्सव २०२२)” at PYC Hindu Gymkhana, Pune, not much time was available. It was due to the positive attitude of the management of School for Hearing and Speech Impaired, that this project turned out to be successful. The Diwali artefacts created by the students under the guidance of their art and craft teacher Maniyar M. M., included Diyas (दिया) and Panatis (पणती).

Students from School for Hearing and Speech Impaired create artefacts for Diwali exhibition

Creating Diwali artefacts

The diyas are the traditional earthen lamps which are lit up during the Diwali festival by putting oil and a wick in it. The hearing impaired children and speech impaired children, painted these diyas using metallic acrylic colours.

Students paint diyas as artefacts for Diwali exhibition

The panatis were either earthen or made from thick cardboard paper. The children made beautiful decorative designs and patterns similar to Rangoli designs. Decorative and colourful beads and other such items were used skilfully in making these, which created a festive look appropriate for Diwali.

Working on creating panatis (पणती) as artefacts for Diwali exhibition

In addition to these artefacts for Diwali, the students under the guidance of their art and craft teacher, created other beautiful artefacts such as a bouquet of flowers, a deepstambh (दीपस्तंभ) , a cannon and a paper model of Shaniwarwada (शनिवारवाडा).

Considering the short time available to the children and their teacher, they did a remarkable job.

Hearing and Speech Impaired children explain their creations using sign language

We requested the school principal Smt. Mrunal Sarade and their art & craft teacher Shri. Maniyar M. M. to encourage the students describe the process of creation of these Diwali artefacts. They agreed and facilitated this interaction. Smt. Mrunal Sarade interpreted the sign language of the students. See these short videos to see the students explain the artefcts created for Diwali exhibition.

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