Painting to create awareness about Coronavirus Pandemic

coronavirus pandemic painting by Anjani Mhatre to create awareness for fight against covid-19 pandemic
coronavirus pandemic painting by Anjani Mhatre to create awareness for fight against covid-19

Anjani Mhatre (16 years) from Mumbai, Maharashtra has created this painting to bring about an awareness in our fight against coronavirus pandemic. She highlights the role of health workers and frontline workers in this fight against coronavirus pandemic. Anjani cautions against lowering of our guard and any laxity in the measures for fight against Covid-19 pandemic. This painting received Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan art competition for April to June 2020.

Listen to Anjani Mhatre talk about her coronavirus pandemic painting


Title: Coronavirus Pandemic

Medium: sketch pens, crayons on paper

Size: A3

Collection of coronavirus pandemic art

While the coronavirus pandemic disrupted life of everyone and forced people to sit in the confines of their homes, it also inspired several to use this opportunity to express themselves through art. Indiaart announced a special project for showcasing art during the lockdown period. In fact I made the announcement of this project on the first day of the national lockdown i.e. on 25th March 2020. We received a very enthusiastic participation from all age groups and from all geographies for this unique art project. Here is a series of blog posts related to Lockdown Art CollectionDay 1 to 21

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