Painting by young artist Yash

Listen to young artist Yash Karanjavkar (18 years) talk about his painting “Cutting chai garam” which shows the scene at a typical chai tapri. Yash is a student of Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce & Science, Mumbai, Maharashtra. This painting was shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan painting competition.

Cutting chai garam at a chai tapri in Mumbai
At a chai tapri in Mumbai

Painting Details

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Size: 29.5 cm × 28.5 cm

Description by Yash : As a Mumbaikar I am not at all in a doubt of how Mumbai arises every morning. Brushing, bathing, flushing and a chai is the beginning of the day. Chai is the bonding between the poor and the people of higher echelon of society. When one visits a ‘chai tapri’, they can see all types of people sharing their morning thoughts with friends and in the evening, share stressed thoughts with friends on a cutting.

Chai has become a very crucial part of the culture and lifestyle here in Mumbai and I am sure in many places across the nation fuels up with a cutting.

Yash talks about his painting “Cutting Chai Garam”

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