Portrait of Sherlock Holmes in colour pencils

Portrait painting in coloured pencils of Sherlock Homes played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch
Portrait painting in coloured pencils of Sherlock Homes played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch

Aryana Jayswal (13 years) talks about her portrait painting of Sherlock Holmes, played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. She did this portrait using colour pencils on paper. Aryana is a student of Millennium National School, Pune, Maharashtra. This painting received a bronze medal in Khula Aasmaan drawing and painting competition for children and young adults for July to September 2020.

Title: Sherlock Holmes

Medium: Coloured pencil on Paper

Size: A3

Description: This is a portrait of a famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes played most recently by Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock Holmes is portrayed as a highly observant and brilliant person but with an eccentric personality. The portrait attempts to capture this character’s sharp features, intense look and messy hair on paper in a photo-realistic manner.

Listen to the artist talk about the painting of Sherlock Holmes

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