Hills and trees painting

Dark hills and trees painting by Adhira MV is a medal winner in Khula Aasmaan online drawing & painting competition

Child artist Adhira MV (7 years) has done the Hills and Trees painting using acrylic colours on A4 size paper. She has titled the painting as “dark and Beautiful”. Adhira is a student of Orchids The International School, Bengaluru.

Details of Dark Hills and Trees painting

Here is what Adhira says about her artwork :

Hello everyone.

My name is Aadhira MV. I am 7 years old. I study at Orchids The International School.

When I travel from Bengaluru to my hometown, it is fun to see all the hills and trees along the highway.

Usually I have seen them brown and green with clouds floating above them.

Once it was so cloudy that it all looked dark, different and beautiful.

And this painting is a glimpse of that day. I painted this on paper using acrylic colours.

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