Painting of Mahatma Gandhi – life and ideas

Mahatma Gandhi painting by Abhishek Swami - shortlisted from Khula Aasmaan free online drawing and painting competition
Painting on life and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi by young artist Abhishek Swami (17 years)

Listen to young artist Abhishek Swami (17 years) from Solapur, Maharashtra, as he talks about his painting on life and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi. In this short video, Abhishek describes the way he has conceptualised and executed his painting. He has kept Mahatma Gandhi’s head at the centre of the artwork. Furthermore, he has shown the ideas and incidents from Mahatma’s life in a semi circular manner. Finally, as Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas are universal, he has used universe and stars as the backdrop for his painting. Abhishek has used pencil and crayons as the medium for his artwork. This painting was shortlisted from Khula Aasmaan free online drawing and painting competition for children and college students for January to March 2020.

Short video on Mahatma Gandhi painting

See this short video in which young artist Abhishek Swami talks about his Mahatma Gandhi painting showing life and ideas of the Mahatma.

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