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Watercolour Painting Workshop by Chitra Vaidya – Part 1

In this video of watercolour painting workshop, artist and art teacher Chitra Vaidya does a watercolour painting demonstration. This step by step watercolour painting guide takes you through all the steps and its nuances in an easy and friendly manner. This watercolour painting demo will be useful as a learning resource for school children, college students, hobby artists, amateur artists, parents as well as teachers. Artist Chitra Vaidya, well known for her watercolour painting, elaborates on the art of watercolour painting in this watercolour painting demonstration ( Part 1).

Artist and Art Educator Chitra Vaidya

An avid painter and a popular art educator, Chitra is an alumnus of Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. She has been conducting watercolour painting workshops and watercolour painting demonstrations for students, corporates and other organisations. This painting video of watercolour painting workshop has been presented by Khula Aasmaan, the platform for creative expression for school children and college students. This watercolour painting demonstration video is part 1 of the two part videos. These watercolour painting demo videos have been created for children, college students, parents as well as teachers.

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