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Originally from Jodhpur (India), painter Anuradha Kabra has made Singapore her home since the past decade. Her informal education in art and music started from a very young age from her mother (Kamla Kabra) and father (Brijbhushan Kabra), both well-known artists. Her paintings reflect her deep interest in mythology and mysticism.

Ikshana, painting by artist Anuradha Kabra
Ikshana, painting by Anuradha Kabra, watercolour, pencil, chalk, pastels on paper, 30 x 23 inches

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Interview with Anuradha Kabra

We sent few questions to Anuradha to know more about her as an artist, as a person, to get a deeper insight into her inspiration and her art. Here are her responses :

Early years

Q : Do you remember the time when you started taking keen interest in drawing and painting? Was it your childhood days or later?

A : I grew up seeing my mother dabble with painting and craft. She was and is highly skilled but never had the patience to sit and do it myself. I tried my hand at oil painting in 2009 for the first time. I did a few works but did not enjoy it much.

Q : Tell me more about your early years and education.

A : I was born in Jodhpur and grew up in Ahmedabad. I was never much interested in the school education but somehow managed to get myself a commerce graduate degree. My dad being such a well known musician, I was surrounded by artists of all kinds who visited us.

Q : What did you do after completing your education?

A : I was married at the age of 18 while I was still in college.. Once I graduated it was the life of a housewife in Mumbai.. Raised 3 kids.

Journey so far

Q : When was it that you first thought about making this your profession? Did you have a role model to emulate or was there someone in your family who was an artist and therefore a big influence?

A : In 2016 I started doodling with my pen on canvas sheets lying around and I loved it. Realised I had a good hand at drawing. I started drawing tons of animals. Then slowly the canvases became larger and I had some watercolour paints.. I started painting furiously in 2017 and I had lost all interest in everything.. My business too. So in December 2007 I shut down my business and completely focused on just painting. I had always been attracted to art. My business was also related to handicrafts and handmade furniture. I had visited Amsterdam in 2009 and was in love with Van Gogh’s work. I loved his bold strokes and vivid colours. Sometime in 2010, I went to an exhibition of MC Escher and loved the precision in his work. Since then these two have been my inspiration.

Q : Your journey as an artist?

A : … Has been phenomenal. I just knew that I wanted to create works with deeper meanings.. I have no idea how I suddenly started painting, ideas started popping in and the choice of colours still make me wonder.

The Red Dot, painting by Anuradha Kabra, watercolour pencil on paper, 26 x 26 inches
The Red Dot, painting by Anuradha Kabra, watercolour pencil on paper, 26 x 26 inches

Interests and inspiration

Q : Other interests in life? If you were not an artist, what would you be?

A : I would be a photographer, researcher, singer or dancer.

Q : Which artists have had a lasting influence on your thought process

A : Vincent Van Gogh and M C Escher.

Q : How interested are you in social and political issues? Have these at any point in time influenced your art practice?

A : I have no interest in politics but yes I do get affected by social issues. It bothers me and pains me to see how we as humans have drifted away from our roots. I have been on a journey since many years in trying to understand the mysteries of life. I have no answers yet.. But this has drawn me to study the roots of the cultures of different lands to understand what binds those people together. This is why I trained at the Asian Civilization Museum in Singapore to study the history of art and culture of different parts of Asia so that I have authentic knowledge and also for inspiration.

Q : Which themes have you enjoyed working on in your career so far?

A : I have enjoyed each theme equally. I am unable to paint unless I am completely enthused by what I am doing.

Shrivatsa, painting by artist Anuradha Kabra, watercolour pencil on paper, 26 x 26 inches
Shrivatsa, painting by artist Anuradha Kabra, watercolour pencil on paper, 26 x 26 inches

What next

Q : What kind of work you see yourself doing in the future?

A : Such a tough question.

Currently I am doing something I had never thought of.. Birds. I just want to make tons of birds.. I deeply attracted to what they symbolize to me.. Lightness of spirit, freedom.. They denote a sense of attachment with detachment. When I see them fly back to their nests in the evening, I wonder at their unity and harmony, their coordination and communication skills!

Vatapatrashayi, painting by Anuardha Kabra, watercolour pencil on paper, 33 x 26 inches
Vatapatrashayi, painting by Anuradha Kabra, watercolour pencil on paper, 33 x 26 inches

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