Artist Shubhra Chaturvedi and her paintings in Indiaart

Painter Shubhra Chaturvedi presents her recent paintings on Indiaart. Here is a note by artist Shubhra Chaturvedi

Chandni Raat, painting by artist Shubhra Chaturvedi, Oil on Canvas, 18 x 18 inches

Artist Statement

My journey in the world of art was a gradual transition from experiencing various aspects of life and feeling the need to bring those nuances out in colour and form. Though my formal journey in the world of art started late, my previous career as a successful HR professional in the corporate sector gave me the insight into people, relationships, the corporatization of issues and the underlying need to be in a race.

I was more inclined towards the frailties and subtle sparks of liveliness which exist in human life than in the race in which most wonderful people are caught. I took to exploring this side of the world. What started off as an experiment with colours soon became experiment with life and my affair with the corporate world gave way to the pursuit of world of art and photography. These experiences are the root from which my art work stems.

An inviting evening, painting by artist Shubhra Chaturvedi, Mixed Media on Paper, 15 x 22 inches

Current Artistic Practice

My work is a dialogue on textures, movement and form in their core abstraction. The vibrancy of life comes through whether it is an abstract work or a figurative one. Stretching the concept of coordination as one explores form and style and also the materiality of art. The figures and forms often imperfect are intended imperfections that bring them closer to the perception of reality.

Variegated materials, techniques and textures form apt tools to portray the dualities of life. Industrial scrap and daily use products that have been abandoned and those with interesting forms and textures are currently my medium. Recycling, storytelling and expressing views on a topic is my focus area thus contributing to make this world a little less abused.

I also explore reality in portraits of the people, depicting them as I see them. The personalities and expressions come through in these works where colours to give grounding to those sentiments. My work has evolved in its dimensions in both medium and style and surface.

Mohini, painting by painter Shubhra Chaturvedi, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 20 inches

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