Philosophy of Life

Philosophy of life and inner values cherished by Dr. Nehal Shah find an expression in her paintings. Her paintings with vibrant colours and traditional motifs reflect her core beliefs. She believes that the visual expression should be aesthetically rich and beautiful. The colours and the composition should be pleasing and exude positive energy.

Philosophy of Life painting Soul Unity by Nehal Shah
Soul Unity, painting by Nehal Shah


A physiotherapist by training, Dr. Nehal Shah has been interested in art since her childhood days spent at Gadarwara near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. It is not just paintings that Dr. Nehal Shah chooses to express herself. Besides that, she is a prolific writer and a blogger. Due to the upbringing by her parents who practised a simple and spiritual life, the core values were imbibed from her childhood.  Philosophy of life and understanding of the self are the core values which find expression in her paintings. The steadfast adherence to her values results in each painting being a celebration of her beliefs. These thoughts then flow effortlessly on paper.  The journey of inner quest thus continues on paper in its most beautiful and colourful form.

Painting with vibrant colours and traditional motifs

Painting with vibrant colours and traditional motifs is a choice that Dr. Nehal Shah has made.  This is to connect the ancient folk art forms with the design thinking and colourful expression of contemporary existence. Each painting has a philosophical meaning. It is a dialogue with her inner self. It is also a continuing dialogue with the universal and cosmic energy. Each painting therefore, is an expression of her inner consciousness in harmony with the universe.

Soul Unity, painting on the power of divine love

Her paintings are colourful, soothing and intricate just as nature itself can be in its myriad manifestations. Her painting titled “Illusion” is a colourful play of perception and reality. Another painting titled “Soul Unity” is about divine love, the supreme form of love. This love has the power to spread positivity and happiness all around. Not only will the divine love will manifest positive thought and energy, it has the power to bring in eternal peace by eliminating conflicts.

Dr. Nehal Shah is blessed with the energy of positivity. I look forward to her ongoing expression in her colourful and aesthetically pleasing style. Keep looking at her portfolio in Indiaart.

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