International Childhood Cancer Day 2022

Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान) had the opportunity to conduct an art workshop with children who were undergoing treatment for cancer. This was on International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) 2022 at Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), Mumbai.

Children undergoing cancer treatment during the art workshop

Art workshop with children

We had artist and art teacher Chitra Vaidya as the faculty for this workshop. The occasion was International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD), which is marked on 15th February every year. She was assisted by Priti Naik, who is an art teacher as well. Some of the children did hand prints on art paper, while the younger kids did drawing and painting. We provided the art paper as well as pencils and oil pastels for this workshop.

Children at the workshop on International Childhood Cancer Day

detailed report of art workshop with children

Object painting workshop

Later during the day, we had an object painting workshop for doctors and other staff members of Tata Memorial Centre. The objects were papier-mache bowls. These were created by Gauri Ketkar prior to the workshop.

object painting workshop on International Childhood Cancer Day

The doctors and others who participated in this workshop found it to be a fulfilling experience.

detailed report on object painting workshop

Earlier art workshops at TMC

We had done similar workshops for children undergoing chemotherapy in the past at TMC. The experience of working with children who were in distress due to their medical condition was overwhelming to say the least. The Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to the weekly art workshops that we were conducting for the children at the OPD (outpatient department) area of Department of paediatric Oncology at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.

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