Khula Aasmaan for Hospitals and clinics

children view images of paintings by children on the screen at Tata memorial Centre, Mumbai

The idea of Khula Aasmaan for Hospitals was born when we started doing art workshops for children undergoing cancer treatment at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. What we saw there was a large number of children with their parents waiting for either a consultation or treatment. I had seen at other hospitals and clinics the sight of waiting patients watching either news or a film on the monitor in the waiting area. These patients and their family members are anxious and under huge stress. The C word also invokes fear. It was with this background that I had this thought about creating art displays at hospitals using images of beautiful paintings by children and young adults on these screens or monitors at the hospitals.

Beautiful artwork images on display at hospitals and clinics

children with Khula Aasmaan art display at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Khula Aasmaan has a large collection of paintings by children and young adults. These artworks are the shortlisted, honorable mentions and medal winners from various Khula Aasmaan art contests. We will be happy to make available the images of these beautiful paintings to hospitals and clinics. We are sure that the display of these artwork images will soothe the anxious minds of the children and their parents when they are at the hospital premises. We will not only make the artwork images available but also update the display on a regular basis. 

(L to R) Chitra Vaidya, Milind Sathe, Shalini Jatia, Dr. Shripad Banavali at OPD of Dept. of Paediatric Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Honour for the shortlisted child artists and young artists

It will be a great honour for the child artists and young artists whose artwork images will be part of the digital art display at hospitals and clinics. They will have the satisfaction that their art has contributed to providing relief, hope and energy to thousands of children and their parents in several hospitals and clinics.

Future Plans of Khula Aasmaan for Hospitals

We hope to cover several hospitals and clinics across the country in the future and make a significant contribution to the well being and future of thousands of children and their families. If we look at this concept closely, it is clear that this project need not be limited to one country or region. The project concept and its benefits are applicable universally to any hospital or clinic anywhere in the world.

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